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‘He’s not Buccing leaving’

‘He’s not Buccing leaving’

Dan Pinder5 Jun - 06:26
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Ziggy stays with the Buccs!

He’s not “Buccing Leaving”

In a scene similar to the one with Leo Di Caprio in The Wolf of Wall Street, head coach of the Buccs Dan “Ziggy” Zgoda told the Brantingham bugle “I’m not buccing leaving” and he’s signed on for another season being in charge of the mighty Buccs.

Ziggy had this to say “After last season’s undoubted success with us wining the league unbeaten and beating two teams in the league above in friendlies, the buzz around the Buccs is high! We still have lots to work on but, this will be our first full pre-season together where we will forge our game plan and moves for the upcoming season in the premier league!

We know it will be a much bigger challenge than the Eastern league but lots of the lads are really buying into the step up! I’m hearing big Mike Mel had even cut out takeaways and is shedding the lbs in time for pre-season! We will again look to utilise the experience of regular Buccs alongside developing youth and hopefully some more lads will get 1st team caps this season!

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